About Zendo

About Zendo

Zendo International Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in battery terminals and auto battery accessories.

        Our Productions including battery terminals such as heavy duty terminal, marine terminal and swan type battery terminal, battery accessories. For example, battery terminal protectors, battery brush, battery terminal spreader, battery hold downs, battery clamps and booster cable, auto accessories, siphon pump and other related products. All are available for automobiles, boats, marine and tractors. Your designs and OEM cooperation are welcome. 

Producing Over 150 Highly Conductive Battery Accessories

        Established in 2008, Zendo International specializes in producing over 150 highly conductive battery accessories. These products are sourced by manufacturers and retailers in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

With Acceptance Rate of Over 99 Percent

        Our product line includes battery terminals,battery hold downs,battery cables,booster cables, terminal accessories . These items are suitable for automobiles, boats and tractors. In addition, they are rigorously tested in order to maintain a product acceptance rate of greater than 99 percent.

OEM/ODM Orders are Welcome

        You can select from our more than 1,000 JHC-brand products, or we can design an item according to your OEM/ODM specifications. Contact us today for more information regarding our products and services. 

Professtional battery terminals and battery accessories manufacuter

        Our Productions including battery terminals,Battery Cables,Battery Accessories,Battery Hold Downs,Battery Testers,Alligator Clips,Battery Clips,Battery Clamps,Booster Cables,Auto Accessories,Mirrors,Stonguards. Zendo provides you with online merchandise exhibitions, you can browse related products according to your needs

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